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Making Music by Chungking

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Reviewed on 24th September 2004.


Making Music

By Chungking

Writing songs about writing songs can be a tricky business. Lord knows I've tried it when I'm either bored or suffering from writer's cramp, but somehow Chungking have turned it into some kind of beautiful hymn.

Gorgeous atmospheric pads are there in the distance somewhere, over which a jazzy hip hop beat rattles and rolls along, helped by some plinky piano, some beautiful backing harmonies, and a voice so sweet, it should be outlawed for it's saccharine content. And that's not even mentioning how beautifully melodic the whole thing is.

Put simply, it's blissful summer time pop music, but the best kind. Smart, sophisticated and definitely worth your investigation.

The 4 Hero remix starts with some 'Strawberry Fields' mellotron, some mournful cellos and a snappy guitar, which all gives it a Portishead-esque groove, but without the downbeat misery. It's another belter, sounding different enough from the original to warrant an inclusion on the CD, yet not straying too far into 4 Hero's world of avant garde jazz.

Last track 'Night & Day' is a pretty acoustic number, with some soaring string arrangements, some xylophones and some more of those beautiful backing harmonies. There's not much there, but that's maybe a good thing. Enjoyable whilst sipping tea outside on a sunny day.

It makes you wish this single had either been a) released a few months earlier, so we could all enjoy it in the summertime, or b) our summers were longer.



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