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Show Of Hands by Pale Man Made

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Reviewed on 27th September 2004.


Show Of Hands

By Pale Man Made

If ever a band sounded like they were a bunch of scruffy no good students who decided to record a few songs during fresher's week then it's Pale Man Made.

Clever, inventive and exciting are words I would not use to describe this band's music. Instead try repetitive, dull and monotonous. The vocals sound like the lead singer was asleep when he committed them to record.

Opening track "Show of Hands" is British indie rock played poorly. About as interesting as a two hour lecture on human resource management in international organisations.

"Winning Streak" seems to begin well with a catchy bass line played alongside a sample from famous comedian Richard Prior. However this bass line is then repeated again and again and again and again while the dull vocals hack at your brain like a woodpecker and leave you diving for the stop button.



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On 11th October 2004 at 17:22 Anonymous 3330 wrote...

I would like to strongly disagree with the comments on Pale Man Made. I have been to see this band twice now and they ROCK!! I think they have a good sound, and your comments were very harsh and a bit too personal. Thats just your opinion and I think you've been really unfair. Pale Man Made are class! Helen.x


On 12th October 2004 at 15:13 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

Maybe they do "rock" when people see them live. But on record I didn't rate them at all.
I think my comments have to be slightly personal since i'm trying to write about my personal opinion with regards to the music. There'd be little point in me writing a review on what Holden DeForge thought of it. Though i'd be willing to try



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