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Sideshow by Demon Summer

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Reviewed on 27th September 2004.



By Demon Summer

The name Demon Summer immediately conjures up images of Satan chilling on a beach in Cornwall while the sun beats down on his already fiery flesh. Ok well that's just my opinion. Anyway Demon Summer sound nothing like their evil band name would suggest. No grunting vocals, shouting or big riffs. Instead what we have here is an album of memorable and touching guitar songs cleverly mixed in with lashings of dark ambient and atmospheric electronics as well as the odd cleverly used sample here and there.

What makes this band stand out from the usual crowd of quirky guitar based acts is the phenomenal vocal interplay that goes on throughout each song. While vocals tracks flow in and out of each other on songs such as "Burn" they are backed up by soaring strings that bring forth a state of musical euphoria.

"Dust" is how Joy Division would probably have sounded if they had been around today. A mix of dark reflective music that remains utterly beautiful and touching.

"No Feelings No Pain" also shows the bands slightly heavier side in a similar vein to the Smashing Pumpkins. However this is the only time the band take the opportunity to rock it up with a good old chugging riff and powerful bass line.

Overall though as an album "Sideshow" is clever and inventive yet at the same time remains accessible enough to cause a reaction amongst the mainstream. The only problem is whether the mainstream will be given the opportunity to take notice.



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