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Machine by Man Incorporated

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Reviewed on 29th September 2004.



By Man Incorporated

Over the last few years we've seen the size of bands decline. Whether it be the bassless White Stripes or the vocal lacking Lightning Bolt it seemed bands couldn't get any smaller. But then comes along Man Incorporated, a suit wearing, beer guzzling bassist who is also armed with a huge bass drum which he pounds to death through each song on his new album "Machine".

Comprising of 17 bass riddled protest songs this is the closest thing you will get to capturing the drunken political ramblings of your average George Bush detesting American citizen on CD.

Opening track "Fuck the Team" sets out the basic blueprints for each further song made up of the thumping drum, which gives the feel of an army of punk rockers marching in unison to the beat while Man screams "I've no need for self esteem. Fuck the team." The bass lines are as wide as Rick Waller and while at times are dark and dinging they also remain funky enough to have you raising your fist in the air and singing along. At this stage everyone on the street is now looking at you and wondering why you are marching like a soldier and shouting, "Fuck the Team" in the middle of Leeds on a Thursday afternoon.

The rest of the album covers issues that the average working man/woman can relate to. Whether this is the monotony of a 9 to 5 job, the contradictions of religion, the wondrous taste of beer or even crap music on the radio, there is bound to be something on here that everyone can identify with.

Man Incorporated has taken all the everyday things that piss us all of and put them on one of the truest albums I've heard in a while.

Of course for those who enjoy a good drum solo or the sweet tingling feeling of a symbol being whacked with a drumstick then you may be a little disappointed. The only drum sound available here is that of the bass which would become a little repetitive if the average length of a track on this album wasn't just under the 2 minute mark. Still what do you expect from just one guy?

A real album made by a real man.



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