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Lounger by Dogs Die In Hot Cars

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Reviewed on 1st October 2004.



By Dogs Die In Hot Cars

Tumbling from bumpy jangly bit to even better bumpy jangly bit, Dogs Die In Hot Cars' latest morsel is a dizzy stumble through a maze of all the best bits of pop ever invented fused together with colourful bits of Meccano. 'Tis a shiny, polished, bubble-car of a thing and should really only be listened to whilst clutching a plethora of squeaky helium balloons and consuming some candyfloss and sticks of rock.

At the same time as being a bit of a fun novelty confection, Dogs Die In Hot Cars masterfully avoid becoming downright silly. Fizzing pianos and winking, hide-and-seek rhythms skate on too-much-happiness-for-your-own-damn-good thin ice, but quickly hop it off the frozen musical pond in the nick of time before a great big chasm appears and we all fall prey to inane stupidness. The fabulous 'Lounger' is then brought to a suitable close with a "La la la" trail and a few yodels. Yay!

Half a star knocked off for B-side 'Mandarins' involving Craig Macintosh leading the chant "I've got mandarins in my cheeks", which, you can imagine, gets a bit annoying after a while especially when coupled with the fact that it makes no real sense. Quickly play the A-side a bucketful more times to rid yourself of this experience... and once again be absorbed in a technicolour-bounce-romp-bundle-of-joy!



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On 5th October 2004 at 19:34 Anonymous 2833 wrote...

aw, you've just got to love sucking the helium out of balloons, so bloody funny.


On 5th October 2004 at 19:35 Anonymous 2833 wrote...

the word plethera rocks by the way


On 5th October 2004 at 21:23 Anonymous 1457 wrote...

if that record is half as happy and bubbly and mood-improving as the review i might have to get hold of a copy.
on second thoughts, nah, the writing was enough to put me happy


On 6th October 2004 at 21:09 Anonymous 2832 wrote...

awww! cheers chucks. yes, buy it! it's great! dogs are amazing, really, really, really! oof (or should that be 'woof' haha...oh dear)



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