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Friday Street by Moonshot

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Reviewed on 3rd October 2004.


Friday Street

By Moonshot

Electronica outfit Moonshot hail from London where they have spent the past 10 years beavering away at 11 (no less) beep beep boop boop bedroom albums. Question is, is number 11 the Magnus Opus they've been aiming for all these years? Probably not.

Thirteen inoffensive tracks make this a fairly lacklustre journey with a few bright spots being equally matched by more than enough background yawns. Moonshot swerve from sounding like Beloved to a flat Erasure or The Pet Shop Boys to a balls lacking Leftfield, but without the spark of genius that justifies it.

Ten years self producing has clearly taught the band nothing about mastering or "adding beef" as the general effect is one of listening to hold music down a tinny phone line.

The band are ambitious if nothing else in their compositions and show they are quite prepared to challenge the norm as with the addition of opera on tracks such as "Pink Tie", Gregorian chanting on the rather wet sounding "Do You Dream Of Me?", or the just lyrically dreadful 70's funk of "Read Him His Rights Malone".

Maybe it's time for Moonshot to come out of the bedroom, get some professional production and start releasing more manageable portions.



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