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Antics by Interpol

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Reviewed on 6th October 2004.



By Interpol

After the success of 2002's debut album "Turn on the Bright Light", Paul Banks and the Interpol boys return for their solid follow up record "Antics".

Once again Interpol deliver a record that is deep in emotion and melancholy gloom, although this isn't as bad as it sounds. Paul Banks channels a ghostly intensity throughout the record, especially on tracks such as "A time to be so small" and "Take you on a cruise", where you can almost feel his frost-bitten shattered heart placed into a snowplough and the scattered remains used as pigeon feed in Central Park.

"C'mere" and "Slow hands" up the tempo of the album with guitar riffs that grind themselves into the back of your cranium, so much so that you eventually find yourself tapping your feet, nodding your head and eventually losing all autonomic control of your appendages.

Although the album does not touch on any new ground, Interpol still manage to retain their ability to produce an album that stabs deep into every emotional pore and with the New York fad already in decline the smart suits have managed to pull off something that little bit special.



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