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Romantic Rights by Death from above 1979

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Reviewed on 11th October 2004.


Romantic Rights

By Death from above 1979

First things first, they are now legally known as Death from above 1979 not Death from above after some sort of copyright battle with some New York company over their name. They lost.

Anyhow, Death from above 1979 are Canada's answer to Winnebago Deal, a two piece consisting of Sebastien Grainger (Drum/Vocals) and Jesse Keeler (Bass/Synth), this is the second single to come off their album "You're a woman, I'm a machine". Their first single, a limited edition, was "Blood on our hands" and sold out within a couple of weeks, which shows the growing popularity of the Canadian duo. Now they're back with this gut wrenchingly addictive song "Romantic Rights".

"Romantic Rights" is one of those songs that implants itself into the back of your cranium and festers there until you're forced to purchase a Black & Decker drill to relieve the pressure before your scull implodes. The track kicks off with what appears to be soundclips of the Clangers having their heads violently smashed against a cheddar cheese wall by a giant Siamese killer robot, as the impending heart pounding drumbeat adds to the tracks addictive feet shaking feel whilst Jesse Keller abuses the bass with a ludicrously filthy bass line that has been jack hammered through Darth Vader's anal canal. Grainger's breathless barking and merciless slaughter of the synths gives the song the extra kick up the back side that makes this one of the dance-rock songs of the year.

"Romantic Rights" is one of those tracks you know you'll end up hating and wanting to shove down the throat of anyone who mentions the name. But before you get to this stage of psychosis... enjoy!



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