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Caught Redhanded by We Start Fires

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Reviewed on 17th October 2004.


Caught Redhanded

By We Start Fires

Mathematics aside this is a valiant effort from this US grrrl-punk scene influenced quartet. Underneath the guitars and quirky 80s' keyboard effects of this album lies a fair dose of pop-punk fused with the daily trials and tribulations of your average young rock and roll girl.

Tracks such as "Hey now" bounce around like some crazed loon possessed by the devil. They are fast paced, exciting and when turned up to full volume have the ability to get the neighbours banging on the wall screaming for you to turn it down.

We Start Fires seem to excel when they slow the pace down and become more reflective. "Queen Bee" is touching and heartfelt and demonstrates the belief and hard work that has kept the band going amidst crap part time jobs and being carted around the United Kingdom in an uncomfortable blue transit van like some sort of punk rock girl power inspired A-team.

But these tracks are highlights from an album of mainly fillers. Only occasionally do the band standout and seem to make a difference while the rest of the album can be mainly summed up as background music. It's unlikely to cause a resurgence in Girl Power but it'll probably get a few young ladies ripping of their bras and burning them in the name of equality, which I'm sure, will excite the band's male drummer.



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On 17th October 2004 at 19:57 Dave LMS wrote...

You might just get a slating for that closing sentence ...


On 18th October 2004 at 09:00 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

Can't wait


On 21st October 2004 at 19:22 Dave LMS wrote...

It's the silence that'll get ya.


On 22nd October 2004 at 11:45 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

Or maybe the brick through my window



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