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Real Gone (sampler) by Tom Waits

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Reviewed on 20th October 2004.


Real Gone (sampler)

By Tom Waits

Tom Waits is a damn legend. It's that easy, the actor/musician/genius has always been producing work which provokes and stretches from every chord, this been no acception. The man has been spawning out fresh, brutally honest material since, well forever. Having on many occasions skirted with his sound before I am honored to give this little beauty a plug. Two tunes taken from the new album "Real Gone" to serve as a mouthwatering tempter.

Wait's voice is a hardened as ever, gravel must be the dish of the day back in the good ole US of A. Musically even the sternest of critics would be hard pushed to even find one hint of a flaw in both these tunes. Wait knows more about compiling a piece of music than most could ever dare to dream. Haunting backing vocals and quirky, jarring guitar form the base to the smooth yet darkly comic "How's it going to End?" A torrid tale of treachery and betrayal, life and death. "And I want to know the same thing everyone wants to know, How's it going to end?" drones Waits.

"Metropolitan glide" enters the room like gunshot. Unrepentant and hard as nails, Waits constant spitty vocals and jagged guitars strike right through you, a knife through butter. A sound once sampled you will find it impossible to neither categorise nor explain. A dragon breathing fire of the mere mortals below. A tune so dynamic and callous that you feel drained after one listen. I dearly want to by the full album, but just don't know if my mind could take it.

In short I urge, no demand you open you ears to Tom Waits if you have never done so before. Buy the album "Real Gone" because as a music fan you need it. An artist so true to his art, so pure and solid, yet constantly on the look out to flip it on its head, erases the memory and start again. Long live Mr Waits. Absolutely outstanding.



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