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Satin Con Blonde by Surferosa

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Reviewed on 21st October 2004.


Satin Con Blonde

By Surferosa

Well, it ain't half as good as 'Lucky Lipstick', which I dug out the other day, subsequently finding myself in a hyperactive state of Chupa Chup withdrawal symptoms and ferreting around in my drawer for some glittery tights.

This latest fruity concoction has synths spliced with guitars so glitzy they wear heels made out of that plastic, jelly-like rubber stuff. Teamed together, they provide the fluorescent backdrop to Mariann Thomassen's sherbert-lightning vocals. This is the sound of a girl who has undertaken much drinking of caffeine and consumption of numerous Dextrose/Lucozade (delete as appropriate) energy tablets. Me on a weekend, then. A glucose charge hits the bloodstream in a cataclysmic way as Miss. Mariann starts to scream like the kerazy frontwoman she is - but just as Surferosa's spangly jet-plane takes off on its mission to transport all non-believers to a place where everything comes in pink, lime green and purple and free tours of Willa Wonka's Chocolate Factory occur on a daily basis, the song ends. Shame.



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