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925/Tonight by The Mighty Stars

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Reviewed on 22nd October 2004.



By The Mighty Stars

Once upon a time, a young man named Rob from a band called The Mighty Stars declared "There's a lot to be said for conciseness and brevity", and I suppose he's right. The Bristol lads' two song disc, to be released on 7" as far as I can gather, is short, snappy, harmless and appealing in a sort of passive, cuddly way. '925' boasts the lyrics "Gettin' up is really a pain - you leave the house without your brain". And we ALL know how that feels, especially on a Monday morning and particularly when some suited person who can, presumably, afford a REAL newspaper swipes the last Metro from right under your nose. The best part of it is, The Mighty Stars sing in such a way that makes you able to laugh this newspaper theft incident off as you chirp along to your new-found silly-rock friends instead of breaking down into paroxysms of tears. (Yes, 05:45am mornings have the power to cause this kind of emotional reaction to the criminal snatching of daily periodicals in the middle of a train station - I've seen it happen.)

Kim Fowley has branded them "Godlike geniuses of dumbass rock n' roll!" Well, you certainly can't apply the word 'Godlike' and you definitely can't apply 'geniuses' either, so let's adapt that slightly... and re-christen them "Unremarkable yet fairly alright dumbass rock n' roll".

This is mindless, brainless, I-wish-I-was-jobless fun, and, much as you might try to detest it, you can't help but lose your sense a little and smirk along. Next time you have the misfortune to a) find yourself on a mode of public transport, or b) spill your extortionately-priced coffee on the floor and your shoes, stick a Stars CD in your player and giggle softly to yourself because sometimes life, and music, is just a bit of fluff.



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