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When We Talk of Horses by Red Bee Society

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Reviewed on 26th October 2004.


When We Talk of Horses

By Red Bee Society

Every so often a band comes out of nowhere and punches you in the kidneys before ripping out your heart and then skipping off down the pub laughing. Scanning through the PR blurb that lands on my doormat with this single I see that Mark and Lard championed Red Bee Society's last single and I decide that is no surprise if it was of the quality of this little gem.

"I'll see you tonight and we'll pretend that it's alright, we won't reveal our sources when we talk of horses". Now the last time I spoke of horses it got me in trouble with a young lady so right now any talk of horses I try to steer clear of, but the melody of this tunes is just too tempting to stay away from. It's just ace. If they made dictionaries with sound effects then this vocal line would play when you turned the page that said 'pop'. Dum de dum dum doo doo doo, dum de dum dum, doo doo doo doo. It's ace. The whole song is crafted nicely, things dropping in and out, a distorted guitar that add a bit of balls to proceedings and some lovely strings. Oh my, it's all here. Oh, here comes the plinky plonk piano. Buy this, buy this, buy this. At the very least steal if off your mate.

'Passing Boy' sounds like Turin Brakes wish they did. It's kinda quirky and dreamy. Not half as good as the previous track but we can't really hold that against it now can we? A floaty little guitar melody, some trippy percussion and simple little tune, that makes this almost sound like a school hymn, all add up to something rather nice.

We also get a radio edit of 'When We Talk Of Horses' but it's just pointless as you wouldn't want to cut that song short really.



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