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Time for Deliverance by Do Me Bad Things

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Reviewed on 26th October 2004.


Time for Deliverance

By Do Me Bad Things

Okay so I'm heading into this review with a kinda biased viewpoint of the band to begin with after seeing their piss poor performance at the Reading festival this year. Yes I turned to the dark side sorry, anyways they left me running out of the tent leaving me for days to scrape the turd shaped pieces of earwax that were the remnants of their set.

So although I tried to put my reservations aside for one second, these reject boys and girls from the Rocky Horror Show haven't exactly changed my perception of them. Their latest offering manages to mix the worst parts of a school disco with a Christmas pantomime show that will leave you reaching for the nearest cyanide pill. Ok so that was a bit harsh but this single doesn't really appeal to me. With a music scene that's already dominated by the cock-rock kings themselves The Darkness I'm just not into the whole novelty rock scene at the minute, best leave it to the experts such as the Moldy Peaches.

"Time for deliverance" is baggy trousers being slaughtered by Queen. The song seems repetitive and way over the top; it would have been alright if it wasn't for the endless high pitched choir singing by Clara and Nicololai and the needless soloing in between verses. Saying this the tune is annoyingly catchy and it's very easy to see this band appealing to the wider public. I can already picture them playing this down at the local Bar Risa.

"Slap yourself" would have been a far better A-side release; this song isn't as bad as "Time for Deliverance" and has a QOTSA style riff which appeals and the annoying high pitched bat noises are cut down to a minimum. It has the energy and the drive that would make anyone wanna break down on the dance floor and the strange modulation noises adds substance to the track, so overall this song isn't a half bad performance.

But then the tone is lowered by "Barrytown". Although this has a funkilicious bass line that'll make you wanna boogy down, they just had to add the banshee screams that would make Justin Hawkins cower for cover. This song eventually degrades to motown being jack hammered in the rear by a mobile discotheque. Arghhhhhhhhh.

Ok so I may not be fan but I can see these guys going far and with an impending tour with The Darkness and Ash in November they sure are gonna get some exposure.

So if you like you spandex cat-suits with a side serving of tight fitting flares then the "Time For Deliverance" is out now.



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