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Sur Les Traces De Black Eskimo by Les Georges Leningrad

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Reviewed on 31st October 2004.


Sur Les Traces De Black Eskimo

By Les Georges Leningrad

Les Georges Leningrad are back with their delightfully bizarre second album, which follows up Deux Hot Dogs Moutarde. Hailing from Montreal, Poney, Bobo and Mingo - yes these are absolutely ridiculous name but do not let this put you off - have produced the notoriously difficult second album and to be honest it is quite spectacular.

If you don't know what these guys are about your gonna be in for a five thousand volt shock. Once again these boys and girls from the Montreal Reject Clown Society have created an album that fuses post-punk with electrochemical beats that will hit you so fast and hard you'll be scrambling to get back onto your feet.

Poney is Karen O's secret younger hardcore punk loving sister as she delivers blisteringly raw vocals with an art rock style that's similar to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Erase Errata, whilst Mingo delivers much of the overdriven guitars and produces the electronic wizardry that creates the albums unique hybrid sounds. Bobo obliterates his drum kit as he produces beats more precise than a killer robot.

Songs such as "Superdoopa" and "Sponsorships" are true pogo popping punk tracks that have been thrust through a monster modulator, whilst "Missing Gary" can only be described as a spastic screaming entourage of noise that manages to keep you captivated. "Fifi" is a roller disco done in a moshpit and is an instant classic. The only way I can really describe the band is that they are the offspring of a secret relationship between the YYY's, Aphex Twin and Moldy Peaches who have been reared in the Canadian outback by techno loving grizzly bears.

Les Georges Leningrad have come along way since their first release, they've silenced their critics and have produced a second album that will entertain you to no end whilst instantaneously driving you insane. Great stuff.



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