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Falling Like Stars by Bird

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Reviewed on 17th November 2004.


Falling Like Stars

By Bird

"Bird's songs occupy similar territory to Dido," say the Daily Telegraph. Oh dear. Thankfully, our favourite right wing broadsheet seem to have missed the point on this one, as Bird (otherwise known as Janie Price)'s latest is thankfully, a really rather beautiful number.

Subtle strings match the heavy piano and gorgeously haunting acoustic guitar strums, all set off to Bird's husky, chanteuse-esque drawl. In a word, it's likely to be spinning on your stereo whenever you feel a bit melancholy, or when you've just been dumped. All the same, it's well worth checking out, if not only for its subtle, laidback and understated feel, but for those chord changes!

A female Damian Rice? Well, it's not for me to say, but...

Anyway, double A-side 'Christmas Song' is the other track here. Damn the festive period for bringing out the worst in people. Not only do we flood the streets like a massive swarm of credit card happy morons, but we do it listening to 'Greatest Christmas Songs Ever!'- a double album with all the same songs the previous version of it had from last year, but in a different order.

The only decent song about Christmas is 'Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas' by Eels, so this has a lot to live up to.

Sounding more like a Boots advert, but longer, the track isn't particularly spine chillingly bittersweet as the excellent first track, nor is it as jolly and jaunty as it makes out. With a soaring chorus of "on Christmas daaaaaaaayyyyyyy", you'll no doubt hear it somewhere this festive season, probably in Boots deciding what bath stuff or toiletries to buy for your aunt or something.



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