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Even when the wind blows by The Conway Story

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Reviewed on 21st November 2004.


Even when the wind blows

By The Conway Story

Whoever wrote these guys' press release must be pretty crap at making references. "Reminiscent of Keane and Coldplay" goes one line, making me fear the worst. Yeah, just what we need, another Embrace. Play the CD though, and you think fuck that - this is good.

Gritty guitars, effective dynamics and pounding drums all combine to provide The Conway Story with a fucking belter of a song. Just check out that brilliant guitar effect they get on the chorus. Fucking great I tell ya. It may not be the most mind blowing single ever, but god damn this is pretty fine. The haunting little piano riff at the end of the song is just another fantastic layer of already layered-to-buggery song production, so kudos to producer Sean Genocky (see Suede, Starsailor, Manics)

Shame about the lyrics though, case in poin t- the opening line of "It was Saturday / when I heard my people say" or the "the monsters are coming" line just before the chorus. Can't win 'em all I guess.

Second track 'Flying Start' is maybe a bit more sullen than the blinding first track, but in a kinda good way. It's leaning more to the Coldplay side of things, which makes me think that the guru who came up with that press release wasn't that wrong after all. Even so, it's still a pretty decent little song, with its strummy acoustics and gentle guitar strums on the chorus. Again though, it features some fairly sappy lyrics: "you don't need a river down your back" it sounds like lead singer Nik Owens says at one point. Hmmmm... Chris Martin would be proud methinks.

Fuck it, fire up the first track again...



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On 22nd November 2004 at 20:38 Anonymous 2832 wrote...

think this cd is aweeeesome. oooh yes. agree with you about the lovely piano finish to the first track, tis a perfect lil moment.



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