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Extinguished by Confuzion

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Reviewed on 25th November 2004.



By Confuzion

Here's a clue as to how this review will unfold... Confuzion spell their name Confusion but with a "Z"... how clever, funky and out there is that? Not that much? Surely you are mistaken and now with these 3 tracks of horribly straight clean rock to support their cause you will soon be disproved! Ah no because last we looked Rush & Marillion were acts best forgotten and not in line for a revival.

The fact that the band try to cast some kind of contemporary light upon themselves by likening the prog elements of their sound to Muse, shows how detached they must be from the current music scene. Typically, as with so many others, ConfuZion play their instruments incredibly well and no doubt are surrounded by admiring punters down the local pub-rock night keen to learn more about their fret wanking skills. Just don't record them to CD and spread it around like a cold germ.

Things truly come to a head with the frankly appalling lyrics to "Uprising" which they kindly publish on the back cover and you will be grateful are not to be re-published here!



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