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Unconditional EP by The Bravery

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Reviewed on 28th November 2004.


Unconditional EP

By The Bravery

It's happening, I can feel it in my waters, bubbling beneath the surface, a new genre will infest the radios, TVs and magazines of the UK in the year two 00 five, led by Franz Ferdinand, Razorlight and The Killers, this is the bastard offshoot of what came of The Strokes inspired NY explosion at the turn of the century, ladies and gentlemen feel free to dance again because indie dance rock is back and it's catching like a fire in a hay factory. The Bravery arrive in the second fleet of what is to be a full blown onslaught on your earlobes, be prepared, if you don't like this grab your family members and loved ones and head for the basement, your screwed. As for everyone else, The Bravery could be the next in a long line of 'your new favourite bands'.

Synth-laden indie new-wave post modern gothic art-rock? This is getting ridiculous. 'Unconditional' is quite simply what pop music should sound like, The Bravery's first UK single to get real circulation is downright awesome, it can be listened to anywhere, as many amount of times as you'd like and still sound as quality as the first time you heard it. Timeless would not be the word to describe it but right now it's 'in'. Having heard bits and pieces of other Bravery material (album not out till the Spring) I'd say The Killers do this kind of music a shade better but if you like them, this is right up your street and sooner rather than later The Bravery will be reaching the dizzying heights The Killers did this year.

Irrepressibly catchy 'Unconditional' is an awesome first single. Once again folks steady yourselves, the new-wave post modern indie art-rock storm is blowing in, if you don't like it move to Liechtenstein, if you do, prepared to be blown away. It's not confidential, The Bravery have potential.



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