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Renegade Cavalcade by Ash

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Reviewed on 28th November 2004.


Renegade Cavalcade

By Ash

I bloody love Tim Wheeler. Does this fine Irish man take extensive supplies of Irresistible-Songwriting-Ability tablets before every meal with a glass of chilled water? If so, how much does this cost him? I can think of a few bands in need of a purchase or two.

Easily one of the superstar tracks from the explosive and quite frankly 'Ace' with a capital 'A' album 'Meltdown', 'Renegade Cavalcade' tiptoes into existence on twitching, muffled guitar strings; then hurls itself forward, sprints, hops, skips, leaps and lands on an industrial-sized trampoline where it proceeds to bounce for the next few seconds of chorus. Then it gets off, quietly teases us again for another verse, jumps right back on and bashes the hell out of this large piece of gymnastic apparatus until the very end. Insanely infectious, you may wish to take precautionary immunisation vaccines beforehand. However, only do this if you are ENTIRELY nuts, as anyone in their right mind will want this virus to hit them right where it hurts and stay put for a while.

A fist-punch-air soaring chant-a-long chorus and Charlotte and Tim's distinctive "one minute gently twinkling the next minute scarily murderous" guitars playing off each other like brother and sister can mean only one thing - Ash are back. Whoopee! Now then, where's my Flying V?



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On 29th November 2004 at 10:13 Anonymous 30 wrote...

5/5??? I heard this song for the first time this morning and what a load formulaic old tripe it is...Ash sounding like they have done a million times before. At one point he ryhmes "Looking through a window pane, sucking on a sugar cane"...I mean come on, when on earth was the last time you said, "oh I really fancy a sugar cane?" What!!! All that wibble they said before this album about how they were going to be rockier and harder edged. BS mister Wheeler BS! There you go a complete polarised review. Well written though Lauren.



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