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Dead Gone by Winnebago Deal

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Reviewed on 30th November 2004.


Dead Gone

By Winnebago Deal

There's two of 'em, one plays guitar and one plays drums. And that's pretty much where any similarity to The White Stripes ends. "Dead Gone", Winnebago Deal's first album proper following their "Plata A Plomo" mini-album last year, is a fine thing indeed, taking the lo-fi nastiness of the Jesus Lizard or "Bleach" era Nirvana, mixing in some naggingly insistent riffs, speeding it up to the power of infinity and pummelling the bugger until it bleeds. The guitars hit breakneck speed and don't even think of slowing, the singer screams his lungs out like Roddy Womble from Idlewild used to do before he sold out and the drummer drums like he's got an AK-47 up his arse. It is, in short, fantastic.

At their best, such as on the frenetic "Knife Chase" and "Cobra" and the superb "Shank Fight", Winnebago Deal are quite simply the most ferociously thrilling rock band in Britain today. This is the sort of album that ideally should be played while stalking Coldplay fans through the woods in the dead of night while wielding a nail-studded baseball bat. Yes, seriously, that good.



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