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Untitled by Auraluxe

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Reviewed on 30th November 2004.



By Auraluxe

This is somewhere between the heroic emo-passion of cut-your-wrists on a weekend skinny white teen rebellion and the kitsch overbearing soft-rock farse that is Nickleback or Counting Crows. Sounds wonderful already huh? No it doesn't does it. No. And this is the immense problem for Auraluxe. They've recorded a demo here that is reasonably good in terms of production and finesse, but absolutely devoid of originality, imagination or ingenuity. It really is so contrived, so outrageously, unbelievably forced and lacklustre, that I find it hard to gauge the sincerity of it. This tremendous difficulty may only be a personal thing however; it could all be entirely genuine, and I apologise if my inhumanity does no justice to the heartbroken, heartfelt ballads that Auraluxe are attempting to inspire us with. Certainly there is a formula and a 'sound' here, but unfortunately every single second of seems borrowed. Even the odd appearance of synth sounds and keys seem to be put in for the sake of it, without adding anything to the songs at all. Give them a little time, and some room for development, and maybe something exciting might develop, as there's no doubting the decent musicianship on offer. Just a case of love's labour lost I think.



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