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Time on my hands by Five O'Clock Heroes

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Reviewed on 5th December 2004.


Time on my hands

By Five O'Clock Heroes

It seems that if you don't have an angle, you're just not now. The Bravery are the new suited and booted Cure while The Others' position is surely due to Keith Richards-esque drug consumption. Well thankfully, the Five O'Clock Heroes are comprised of 50% moody New Yoikers and 50% raffish young Englishmen. Would you believe it? Scientists have proven it to be the indie equivalent of pi(e).

And whaddyaknow, it can't make its mind up. The vocals drip with antiquated Morrissey charm while the spiky guitars ripple and flex in all the right places. But, the stop-start rhythm is too much stop and not enough start, killing any momentum in its try hard tracks.

Better is 'At the back of the room,' perhaps the older, grown up brother. Less inclined to strop around in black eye liner and knee high Doc Martins, it's a tender, love-strewn ode to eyeing girls up at gigs, surely every boys favourite past time. Less angular than 'Time...' its simple and eloquent harmonies dovetail sweetly with the understated vocals.

On this evidence, this is one Ny-lon band that you shouldn't call time on too soon.



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