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Go Nowhere EP by Nothing (Brighton)

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Reviewed on 6th December 2004.


Go Nowhere EP

By Nothing (Brighton)

Oh how easy t'would be to create lots of puns and clever jokes about the name of the band and the title of their EP, but then doing that would take about the same amount of effort and thought as the band have put into their music.

The first 30 seconds of each of the 5 tracks show unbelievable promise but sadly, perhaps astounded at their own brilliance, the band crumble into the most banal pile of mediocrity since the cast of "The Singing Kettle" split up.

The first track sounds like a Mansun cover and tracks 2 and 4 sound like no-brainer Idlewild B-sides. The lyrics on "Vehicle is a word" feature lines about being unable to spell enjoyment, which probably sounded 'dead clever' down the pub but come across like a GCSE students creative writing piece which they've had a week to write but only decided to do it the night before (but not until The Bill finished).

All in all a disappointing piece from a band who have an obvious talent for writing opening riffs. The band sum it up in the lyrics of they're final song "Wind up toy" ... "I touched success/ it made my lessness seem less." Quite (although when the band touched success is unclear and on the evidence provided it's doubtful they ever did.)

Thankfully for us this EP is only limited to 1000 copies and only available in Brighton and London record stores. More fool them.



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