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Make The Noise by Emmet

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Reviewed on 14th December 2004.


Make The Noise

By Emmet

Just like the Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk, it seems that Emmet are one of those dance acts that fans of guitar based music are allowed to like. Their intelligent and accessible electronic riots are impressive enough to deflect any criticism from your chav hating, ministry of sound detesting chums.

"Make The Noise" is jam packed with so many synthesiser based, atmospheric, wall-to-wall sounds that it makes Kraftwerk look like an inefficient non-German rock band.

Emmet are able to demonstrate a wide range of musical directions through their record, whether it be the sample riddled "Love Arpeggio" with its robotic vocals and pounding beat or the hip-hop meets Johnny 5 (from the film Short Circuit), Chemical Brothers styled, dance floor filler titled "Make em' clap".

"Felicity Bangg" injects a hint of humanity into the record with real vocals replacing the usual samples and vocoders where as "Maastricht" is absolutely dripping with dark and atmospheric strings, which float and soar as live drums are beating out in the background. It's a Nine Inch Nails meets Orbital moment, which proves to be the highlight of the album.

Penultimate track "Mach 3" would comfortably slot into an Underworld record and final track "This is Adieu" is a piano led delight and provides a touching and suitable end to what is an intelligent record of dance fusion.



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On 16th December 2004 at 13:09 Anonymous 2538 wrote...

Just thought I'd point out, that although its not normally my kind of music, I think this album is fantastic. For Us is one of the most sublime pieces of dance/rock/pop crossover I've ever heard. Reminds me of hearing Open Up by John Lydon/Leftfield for the first time, only this has the added bonus of having an euphoric uplifting gospal feel to it at the same time. Good work Emmet people!


On 17th December 2004 at 11:28 Anonymous 3651 wrote...

Triple thanks! Just wait till you hear what we've got cooking for 2005!



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