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The Laptop EP by MC Lars

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Reviewed on 15th December 2004.


The Laptop EP

By MC Lars

Now this my friends is indefinably kooky, a little bit whey a little bit whoa, slightly off centre, away from the norm, granted a bit geeky but nevertheless something smoulderingly original that you will not have come across before.

MC Lars (or so the story goes) is your average American college student who after many years of soul searching in punk bands and on both sides of the Atlantic has finally arrived at his musical destination - post-punk laptop rap. Go figure.

Despite the initial oddness of the sound though MC Lars obviously knows his potatoes. Making snappy quips on the state of the music industry and the world in general as he goes. It does in fact provide some genuine laugh out loud moments that are indeed rare from a musical disc. ("I ripped one track in mp3 'till Lars Ulrich came after me" per example). The tip of the figurative comedic iceberg is of course the should be legendary 'Signing Emo' providing a perfect interpretation of the way major labels have manipulated the current scene to create this gigantic influx of emo-[insert inane prefix] bands in recent years. Summing it up with "The label Prez calls and yells 'sign more emo', how about screamo? 'If it sells sign Nemo!'" ... hoho... well I find it funny...

MC Lars also has a talent for samples. If you know even the slightest trait about Lars you'll know a large proportion of the material is done on his trusty laptop and he has a extraordinary knack for incorporating a sample. Even 'borrowing' from established bands like Piebald and Brandnew but the beats behind 'Stat-60' and 'Straight Outta Stockholm' also fit in fantastically and pleasingly tastefully.

Take a step back though and 'The Laptop EP' could be looked upon as an amateurish waste of time (harsh) by some (yes, I'm looking at you Snobby McSnob Snob) and even I have to admit there is the occasional cringeworthy lyric. Mostly confined within the UK-USA comparison on 'UK Vice-Versa' e.g. "Look at these crazy coins, is this Lord Of The Rings?" and the unforgivable "Tea time? Jolly good! Caffeine rush. Look- a red phone booth and a double decker bus" *nods head* very bad, I agree. BUT the quality to crap lyric ratio shines on our Lars very favourably.

MC Lars then, a real musical genius? Mild distraction? or don't quit the day job? A mixture of the 3 maybe. There is a lot of room for expansion but perhaps if that occurred the delightful charm would be lost. It's a toughy alright. In the case of MC Lars this reviewer orders Personal Opinion overrules all. You either get it or you don't. Don't be afraid to look outside the box 'cause peering back just may be MC Lars. And finally don't forget "It's not quite rap, not quite pop, Alien hip-hop, Lars punk rock"




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