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Soul Food Mother by Undercut

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Reviewed on 16th December 2004.


Soul Food Mother

By Undercut

The title "Soul Food Mother" sounds like it's a line from Fatboy Slim's "Rockafella Skank". Thankfully though Undercut's music sounds nothing like the poor quality efforts that are usually put forward by Norman Cook.

"Soul Food Mother" initially presents itself as a big, American style, power chord bonanza but just as you prepare to bend your fingers into to the sign of rock the song flips into a soaring sure fire hit which floats effortless along like a fluffy white cloud in the sky. But just like with most white clouds there is always a storm brewing near by.

Lurking behind the first track is "Butterfly" but don't read anything into the name. This punchy effort is more like a giant moth beating its head against a red-hot light bulb than a delicate creature emerging from a cocoon.

"Coming Back Down To Earth" sees the EP end with an acoustic lullaby that steers so close to Maroon 5 that I can almost smell the vomit. As long as Undercut keep away from this sort of direction they may just have a chance of making it.



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