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The Window EP by Pilate

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Reviewed on 17th December 2004.


The Window EP

By Pilate

Now and then The Strokes manage to churn out a half decent song. Imagine if the growling and grizzly vocals you usual get with a Strokes' song have been replaced with passion filled, high pitched wailings which run up and down the scales like a clinically obese anorexic. The result is first track "Into Your Hideout" which is so bright and breezy that you almost forget that it's winter and that your fingers are turning blue with frostbite.

The rest of the EP is a magical mixture of masterful musical make-believe. "Don't Waste Your Breath" effortlessly glides along as each word is gently whispered into your ear as the band quietly strum away before it then opens into a powerful fusion of post-pop-rock. "Overrated (remix)" is a fast paced punk affair and has hints of U2 at their most prolific while "Alright" ends the EP with the leader singer standing alone screaming out some of the most moving vocals you will have heard this year.



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