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Reviewed on 19th December 2004.



By Breakthemould

One obvious disadvantage of calling yourselves Breakthemould is that reviews of your recorded output are inevitably going to query whether or not you do actually "break the mould" in terms of pushing new musical boundaries. The immediate answer, with regards to this CD, is no as rather too much of a debt is owed to the early 90's grunge scene. However, the album as a whole contains a strong undercurrent of catchy melodies and sweet guitar hooks that more than make up for any shortcomings in the originality department.

The majority of the thirteen songs on display here are strongly guitar based in terms of how they start from gentle arpeggiated intros and launch themselves into chugging power-chord propelled choruses. Opener "Let Go" is perhaps a red-herring as to the overall sound and song-writing approach shown elsewhere on the album, as its dirty riffing and frenetic drum-twatting show a harder edge to Break the Mould than is apparent in the other songs. Stand-out tracks include "You could always say" which contains a marvellous octave riff in the chorus and the title track "Break the Mould" whose infectious poppy charm belies the fact that it clocks in at around five minutes.

As mentioned previously, the album is based quite firmly in grunge territory, although towards the more chilled out end of the spectrum- think "Songs from an American Movie Part 1" by Everclear or the song "Betterman" by Pearl Jam. Indeed the vocal style of BTM's singer seems to owe rather a large debt to a certain Mr Eddie Vedder, which for the most part is generally effective although his grungy croon can at times grate.

It's never easy to make albums that hold the attention throughout and are well-paced; however on this evidence Break the Mould have made a good attempt that's worth checking out if you're a fan of smartly-written rock songs.



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