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Wires by Athlete

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Reviewed on 21st December 2004.



By Athlete

There's always at least one band in your life that you love for no good reason, it defies the rest of your general taste in music and the rest of the peers in the aforementioned band's genre. For me that band is Athlete, a band many people passed over as very weak diluted indie-pop, a band that fizzled on the edge of Coldplay's success in 2002 before disappearing from the radio and seemingly peoples' minds. What a return "Wires" signifies then, an absolutely beautiful single from Deptford's finest. Vividly based around the true life experience of lead vocalist Joel of the first night of a new born baby's life and its struggle for survival. When looked at from that vantage point its poignancy is all the more significant. Musically the track signifies a more mature approach to song writing compared to some of the tracks off debut album "Vehicles & Animals", much more professionally produced really coming out like Coldplay Jr., a more interesting Keane or a less shoddy Starsailor. The use of a piano is nicely incorporated and the final accapella of "Down Corridors, Through Automatic Doors" is magnificent.

On the live front there's even better news for Athlete as many legs on the forthcoming January tour have already sold out. New album "Tourist" is just around the corner too so with a little bit of luck Athlete could really step into the major leagues in 2005. It would be difficult to say "Athlete Rock", but Athlete are definitely gonna receive some major love this year one way or another.



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