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Not Enough EP by Elviss

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Reviewed on 22nd December 2004.


Not Enough EP

By Elviss

Not named after the king himself Elviss is one of your classic teenage punk band with some 21st century technology occasionally thrown into the mix. The first track "Not Enough" is a catchy Strokes-esque foot stomping classic song with an ear catching synth siren blurring in the background. It's easy to see this song being used in a beer/ crap car commercial but that's about the high point of this demo.

"Disappointment" is well... disappointing. The song has the same boring riff for about four minutes and Karl Sutherland's voice is a whimper rather than a full on bark that you would from old school punk song like this. The beats are repetitive and the whole song is generally uninspiring.

"Sober" is also repetitive and boring. The only difference I could tell between this song and "Disappointment" was the over the top heavy riff that doesn't seem to want to meld with the singer's voice. With bands such as Hot Snakes and Queens of the Stone Age delivering far better tracks in the repetitive garage beats department Elviss have some catching up to do if they are to compete with the big boys.



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On 25th May 2006 at 03:04 Anonymous 5717 wrote...

Your right, it sucks! But that's what happens when a band is just about to split!


And for the record, there are no syths on the record. The sound you are talking about is a Lespaul with a Electo Harmonics
Worm pedal through a Marshall! As simple as that!



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