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Show Me What Love Is by Puscha

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Reviewed on 3rd January 2005.


Show Me What Love Is

By Puscha

Too excitable too soon, my young boys. Puscha's (albeit high-energy thrashing-at-the-bit heavy-breathing) second single gets all hot and bothered before it has anything to show for itself. A hasty, hurried, half-formed riff takes us straight into the equally hasty, hurried and half-formed chorus. Like a faux-Belgian chocolate truffle soaked in cheap alcohol, Puscha have something sweet about them concealing a hidden kick... but we don't want to settle for something merely digestible, thankyou - we want something richer, something more intoxicating, something that's not just edible but overpowering, some fine delicacy or other soaked in top-notch rum. The full Thorntons-quality monty, you might say. Can you tell it's just been Christmas, folks?

Second track 'Necessary Needs' has some mildly interesting dissonant voices who bring a climactic, mountain-scaling string section whining along for the ride, but the keyboard intro and outro remain the best bits and, being as those two features last about 5.38 seconds in total, that's not really great going, is it?

On the more plucky side, 'Time Again' has some lip-smackingly dirty rhinestone-sucking harmonica and acoustic guitars with the muck from the grooves of James Dean's cowboy boots sticking to them like crustaceans. This portion of steaming hot mouth organ passion is what earns this single its stars, but if Puscha continue to only whip out one redeeming feature at the very last minute then they won't get very far. Underneath the banal straight-rock mediocrity something steeped in Western tradition lurks, but it might need someone to buy it a new stetson.



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