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Melody Rules Everything (Handclaps and Fuzz) by Nutronstars

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Reviewed on 6th January 2005.


Melody Rules Everything (Handclaps and Fuzz)

By Nutronstars

If Carter USM had written theme tunes for midweek BBC family sitcoms, then it would have sounded somewhat like Nutronstars. Seven songs of upbeat electro-pop with a bit of guitar and a whole load of pop formula. Naturally to ensure the desired effect is fully achieved, lyrics are left firmly down the list in order of importance. Best not to linger here.

"Quirky" of this ilk has been done so often before that it self defies. Exhibit A "Bis" were a short lived phenomenon for good reason. There is only so long you can listen to Erasure sped up, shouted and played on guitar before seeking some other way to pass the time.

In fairness no shouting here and Nutronstars have an ear for a melody as the title of the album may suggest. Utilised beyond these sugar sweet offerings, then quirky need not be nasty.



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