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Free the Ethan Daniel Davidson Five by Ethan Daniel Davidson

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Reviewed on 9th January 2005.


Free the Ethan Daniel Davidson Five

By Ethan Daniel Davidson

A chance encounter with a couple of drunken Americans leads to me receiving a few albums from Detroit's Times Beach Records for review. The first is by Ethan Daniel Davidson, employer of the aforementioned keyboard player and drummer. The album opens with 'Conquered Beneath A Box Car Moon' with a soulful sounding organ part and lazy acoustic guitar as EDD whispers above. It's gospel like with a slight country twang, a very gentle introduction. 'Woman / Ladder = You'll Get What You Deserve' reminds me of Blue Oyster cult, the organ, the vocal, the guitar; they all just have that 'Don't Fear The Reaper' sound. That's a good thing though. Oh and yes, most of the titles are that long!

'Situationist National Commercial' spices things up with a nasty, low down slide guitar part and an aggressive vocal that swaggers along: "gun down Moses and set me free, five dollar bill to go down on me, on the 6th day of that deadbeat skin I forgive you father for creating sin". It's a nice counterpoint to the opening few tracks and comes just at the right time to show you there's more to EDD. 'I Can't Drink You Pretty' is a good old fashioned country song where EDD's vocal sound different once more. The guitar line is almost as fun as the vocal: "I can't drink you pretty no matter what I try, beer, bourbon, whiskey stout or rye". There's a female vocal for the second verse ("I can't drink you handsome or well hung") and the whole thing tootles alng in footstomping style.

The guitars get distorted for 'Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore' as EDD skips styles slightly once more. There's always a bit of a country flavour lingering around along with some catchy pop hooks, dirty rock guitars and soul filled organ parts. It all works quite well as an album though, there are no extreme shifts and I've never seen why someone should stick strictly to one genre on an album anyway. Lyrically it's all very strong and musically it's very enjoyable. Look out for Uncut telling you how cool Ethan Daniel Davidson is soon!



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On 9th January 2005 at 09:59 Anonymous 2871 wrote...

What a lovely bunch of drunken americans they are. Tis a shame they didn't come down to VGPS with us.



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