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Reviewed on 10th January 2005.



By The Kenst

Funk, why oh why do you keep tracking me down and ask me to review you? I have to start this review by saying that I really don't like funk music. Well, I like some, but only when I'm drunk (ish).

Well, this CD isn't bad. I think. Not to my tastes, but I can imagine people liking this, grooving to it and wearing novelty afros whilst listening to it. 'BFA' is a decent slab of funk, with some grooves, some guitars and some nice vocal harmonies. If I was a funkster I'd be enjoying it.

The whole thing seems to have been recorded very well, and has that polished sheen that most bands in and around Leeds (these guys hail from Huddersfield) would die for. 'Too Drunk To Funk' is more of the same playful funk, not in your face, pretty restrained and nice in the background. If you ever pop into the Wardrobe in Leeds, this would be ideal background music. Chilled, laidback but still with a bite to it. Nice outro too.

'Steve' is even more laidback and washes over you in a nice enough haze, which is then followed by 'Beards', which is a 24 second skit. Nice idea chaps, you've pulled it off well, the whole feel of that was very trippy.

Last two 'He Returned The Favour' and 'Rude Not To' are pretty cool if you're into funk. Blazing leads, soaring vocals and some funky grooves all round will have you jiving away, even if it's in the front room with a tennis racket guitar.

To sum up, The Kenst (what's with that name?!) are all great players. The musicianship on this is great, there's some fine guitar playing, some tight bass and some solid drumming. The vocals are also pitch perfect, with some really golden harmonies. Thing is, like I said, I'm not into funk, so I'm probably the wrong person to ask about this sort of stuff. Still, it was a pleasant enough twenty minutes - well done fellas.



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On 10th January 2005 at 19:15 Dave LMS wrote...

Blame the Editor of the CD review section I think.



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