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Digging Up The Remains by John Merrick's Remains

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Reviewed on 19th January 2005.


Digging Up The Remains

By John Merrick's Remains

Sometimes in life, you encounter those who are, shall we say, a bit twisted.

These two electro goons, naming themselves after the Elephant Man though, take the cake. Dressed in the same getup, looking rather sinister, and singing songs like 'Slapper', 'I Killed The Bride' and 'Distraught', you get the feeling that these lads aren't kidding. Perhaps they should be though.

It's dark synth stuff, but with two distinctly gruff sounding Yorkshiremen snarling over a sub 1994 Ibiza 'choon'. Some of you may like this, I certainly know people who would eat this album up for lunch and come back for seconds, but for me, I can hear the sound of 1980's electro-clash bandwagons scraping through town.

At times, the odd synth effect, or the odd beat sounds cool, sounds like it could be from the Vangelis- esque 1980s past, but then eventually spirals into a dark cave of pretentious artyness and annoying Yorkshire gunt. It's like Terrorvision. Only electro.

You've been warned: if you genuinely like, and I mean love Robochrist, then this could very well be your favourite album ever.



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