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You'll Never Guess Who Died by The Kinison

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Reviewed on 20th January 2005.


You'll Never Guess Who Died

By The Kinison

We're only a couple of weeks into the New Year and already the influx of poor quality, tight t-shirt wearing, American emo fuckwits has begun. A few years ago I'm sure that the term emo used to mean something good. "Pinkerton" by Weezer was seen a masterpiece and more recently the efforts of the now deceased At The Drive-in were also pigeonholed within the same genre.

However over the past couple of years the likes of Funeral for a Friend and other crybabies in the world of "rock" have taken a stranglehold of the word and saturated the life out of it.

"You'll Never Guess Who Died" has all the typical traits including shouting a plenty (does that make it screamo?). While the music itself is so predictable that you find yourself one step ahead of the band after only 10 seconds into the track.

The remaining b-sides take the music in a surprisingly different direction. Downhill. When it didn't seem possible to get any worse the band manage to drift into a state of copying Billy Talent who themselves are a poor imitation of At The Drive-in.

Images of 15-year-old skater kids hanging outside a mall, wearing Linkin Park tops somewhere in California immediately spring to mind. While in an office somewhere a collective of overweight balding business men in suits are rubbing their hands together and laughing as millions of parent hating teenagers lap up their latest MTV endorsed product.

You'll Never Guess Who Died. Some will hope it's The Kinison.



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On 24th January 2005 at 13:00 Anonymous 30 wrote...

Go on Si, get it off your chest...oh you already have!


On 24th January 2005 at 13:43 Anonymous 3688 wrote...

"The remaining b-sides take the music in a surprisingly different direction. Downhill."




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