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Worlds Apart by And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead

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Reviewed on 21st January 2005.


Worlds Apart

By And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead

What's the future of rock and roll in 2005? With many bands filling the charts with standard indie ballads, a lot of people would say it's in a sorry state as the expressionism is lost and individuality is getting harder and harder to find, whilst maybe others would argue that the fact this music is becoming popular is a sign of the times changing, of "alternative" music making it big in waves, and that maybe the influx of younger (and older) fans turning to the genre can only be a good thing?

...Trail of Dead manage to ask the question and answer it themselves quite clearly on their latest effort "Worlds Apart" with the song of the same monicker shouts out "What's the future of rock and roll, does it matter? When It all sounds the same to me, neither much worse nor much better". The question is however, who are they to challenge the state of modern rock music in 2005 anyway?

Well actually, "Worlds Apart" manages to stand well on its own two feet. After an incredible piano/drums build up right from the word go, they manage to change a familiar sound into something new, bursting into spiralling guitars and a complimentary non stop bash of the drums into more of a personal ballad with "Will you smile again for me" begging the listener to follow the various stop and start patterns of the song, whilst losing none of the edge that built up the song. The song meanwhile means to build up to a rather rawly half sung, half screamed chorus of "Will you smile again for me" which leaves both the emotion and energy bleed out out of the song until, rather bizarrely you hear school children applaud, and the opening notes of "Worlds Apart" open up, a scathing attack on Celebrities in America ("Look at those C**ts on MTV with cars, and cribs, and rings and s**t") which brings up the question again of the state of the music industry in 2005.

The band have not relied on insulting their fellow musicians ignorance however, and the band have managed to have mastered the use of implimenting a piano into the songwriting by creating an even mix with the guitars. Tracks like "Summer 91" and "Classic Art Showcase" melt and grow with the use of piano, and the latter even features backing female coo's brilliantly to blend back into the song. Its concepts like this that have really showed off ...Trail of Dead's use of accessable out and out rock song's, and that you can still breed originality into the genre. Whilst the vocals may be too gratey for some to handle, they seem to bounce from the instruments and create a unique mix between screeches and singing.

Fans of the band's first three albums would be pleased to know that the band haven't lost the touch to create simple classic guitar songs. "Caterwaul" results in a mix of easy verses and a sudden flurry of powerful, almost chant like shout's into the microphone, mixing back into verses perfectly, and "Let it Dive" is a slow burning number that would set the scene for a summers night with the stars leering down back at you, the gentle rocking "The Best" feeling much the same, with beautiful backing vocals intervering with the jagged piano and guitar chords to create a somewhat tense feel.

But it's not an album that really needs to rely on the classic showcase of guitars vs drums, the band have managed to mature in the three years since "Source codes & Tags" and have created in that space of time, an album that not only questions and challenges alternative music in the world at the moment, but exceeds onto a level of its own. This is an album that should be hitting the charts, that should be discussed on thousands of music forums on the internet, that should be giving the band the push from the cult underground status into the ears of the radio listeners, yet even if it doesn't acheieve any of those, they have managed to create a record that will not tire for years to come.



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On 21st January 2005 at 08:57 Anonymous 3193 wrote...

Mint! Can't wait to hear this little beauty.



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