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Push the Button by The Chemical Brothers

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Reviewed on 27th January 2005.


Push the Button

By The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers are back after a long overdue hiatus and have produced an album whose sound can only be described as well... Chemical Brother like.

There isn't a great leap forward or progression in what the Brothers have done on this album we have all the classic sampling, mixing and scratching with a heavy dose of the catchy bass line with the occasional siren wailing in the background which inevitably leads to some seriously danceable head bopping tracks.

Songs such as Galvanize, which is the first single to be released off this album, and Come Inside, have the classic The Chemical Brothers' elements which will make them club favourites.

Left Right is not too dissimilar to Mosh by Eminem and this track too is a very political song with the usual Bush bashing lyrics, whilst Shake Break Bounce is a far more Latin affair with maracas and a Spanish guitar riff holding the song with the typical chemical infusion we come to expect from these guys. Surface to Air is very similar to The Golden Path from their greatest hits album but with more of an electro-pop feel.

The Chemical Brothers have produced an album that is very much their sound in this musical niche they have created for themselves, it is a shame though that they haven't tried to progress this album further, the formats of the songs are very similar but there just aren't any mesmerising tracks on it like Hey Boy Hey Girl or Setting Sun, but if you're already a fan of The Chemical Brothers or the whole break beats /drum and bass scene then this album will sit right at home.



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