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Reviewed on 1st October 2003.



By Very Arcane

Very Arcane look to be another promising fledgling Leeds outfit to watch, with this idea filled five-song debut being the proof. Reviewers often get it in the neck over comments made associating poor performance with early days. The reason for these comments is usually the naive and overly enthusiastic work that gets brewed by young bands as they make a racket for the first time - the giddy blinkers go on and the belief that they have the best song in the world sets up home in the head. This results in gaping jaw-shocked expressions when they are told to the contrary that it still needs a lot of work.

Not so Very Arcane, who are proof that occasionally the mould can be broken and nine months in existence can actually be a hot bed for exciting, edgy and thoughtful guitar churning. They still lack the one song to blaze a trail but as an overall soundscape this is taking gigantic steps in the right direction.

Ben Arcane's downbeat lead vocals have the required "fuck this for a game of soldiers" tone while being tunefully shouted at by Alex & Tom Arcane. All of this over intricate Seafood, Ikara Colt and Mogwai-esque guitar pieces.

As mentioned the debut lacks one real world beater but songs like the beautifully screeching "Speaking through your teeth" and the epic "You can hear the world from Menwith Hill" means the fans will be spoilt with some early gems set for heckled requests by the hardcore faithful in years to come. Big potent potential!



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