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Reviewed on 3rd February 2005.



By The Cutters

I nearly wrote this review last night, I'd listened to the demo a fair few times and was all ready to write. I was gonna perhaps comment on how yep, they're not bad, good tunes, nice guitars... but nothing really outstanding; the vocals were ok but faltered on occasion and nothing grabbed me and inspired me to press the repeat button on the stereo. But tiredness got the better of me and I decided to leave it until today. That way I could also give it another listen, as it had been a couple of days since I had last heard it. And my God, I am so glad I did. I don't quite know what happened but as soon as I heard the first opening tracks I knew that they actually had much more to offer than I was about to give them credit for. I think, when I had listened to it before I hadn't given it my full attention. Amidst revision madness, I always had something else on my mind, but today it was just me and The Cutters and I realise now that is how it has got to be, at least for the first listen. The Cutters want your attention and if you are not prepared to give it to them you could make the same mistake as I was about to do and pass them off as just another band trying to make it but having no tricks in the bag that have not already been used a thousand times before.

The Cutters are a five-piece band from Middlesborough with a passion for music. Their motto is that 'music changes lives, music saves lives and music makes life worthwhile'. Whilst I have to admit that I don't think that this demo will actually change your life I'm damn sure that it will help make it that little bit more enjoyable. Opening track 'One Look Back' is quite a sweet little number with singer Anth Sawdon crooning 'I didn't wanna go but I couldn't stay/ One look back and I was on my way'. I can't help but compare them to Embrace here, but argh! don't stop reading! This is a good sound for them! The guitar work is spot on, quite jangly, providing a good melody for the song and keeping it all together. 'I Won't Let it Bring Me Down' follows pretty much the same pattern and really emphasizes the strength of Anth's vocals as well as the seamlessly constructed drumbeats. The highlight though has got to be second track 'Jesus'. Proving that The Cutters are not just a one trick pony, everything is taken up a notch here. The guitars are faster and darker, the drumming is louder and the vocals that little bit harsher. It doesn't sound quite as polished as the other two, indeed it is on this song that I at first thought maybe the vocals hit a few bum notes, yet I now realise that it doesn't matter if they do, it just makes the whole song sound a bit rawer. Anth questions in this song 'If you were Jesus would you come back here?' And you know what? For this, I think I probably would.



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