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Gnarly Dude by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 1st October 2003.


Gnarly Dude

By Various Artists

To skater bands everywhere your mission should you decide to accept it, is to appear on a compilation CD entitled Gnarly Dude... dude! One catch is that you must write a track also called Gnarly Dude for the said CD! Therefore what we do we have: 13 songs all pretty much about hanging out with your mates, nursing grazed knees, impressing your fellow dudes and of course the odd dig at mum's and dad's!

It may surprise you to know that not all Skater bands are full throttle screeching punks... just every other one according to the collection here. Ultimately it is the more creative moments interspersing the RAAAGHH that actually give the compilation its quirk and quality. From Streem's (Streets) dead pan hip-hop to the wonderfully named Burt Cokain & Nirbanana-International's classic rock-a-billy, or Sack's rub-a-dub stylee slick dub. Even the unexpected spoken prose of Slamaster J - "Well rhyming stuff with Gnarly was never going to be easy!" has a certain charm.

There really is something to please everyone in your skater family and with the fall back of some solid rawk such as the excellent opener from Low Life UK or the mighty high speed Sick56 - "Gnarly Dude's don't give a shit, they only want to be the best!" - You will never be with out a soundtrack to accompany your baggy kecks and pointless chains.

Excellent work all round!



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