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Reviewed on 7th February 2005.



By Smother

Melt down your Flying Vs, folks - here's some teenage testosterone-pumped rock-school-boy fun with no cheerleaders burn-baby-burning in sight. 'Use' is relentless, rollicking, university-hall glory. Then again, having said that, it's a middling "That'll do"-type glory decidedly relegated to the hopefully wide-eyed but ultimately disappointing support-band realm. Whilst the A-side is happily approaching something of an incendiary level, 'People Stay The Same' is a monotonous, well-worn roadmap towards Destination: How To Sound Sulky And Brooding And Exactly The Same As Everyone Else Who Owns A Guitar. It starts off with sheaths of inquisitive guitar noise climbing up and bowing back down to allow tuneful, velvety vocals to poke through before they gain a Jekyll & Hyde persona, snarling and gurgling with an acrid resentment - "What do you do when you wanna be somewhere else?" Sounds like that could be great, yes. Sounds like that should be bristling with intent, yes. But sadly, it just falls short of anything "ooomph"-like.

However, whilst it remains questionable as to whether or not Luke, Leon and Dave actually possess anything remotely unique musically-speaking, it's good to see and hear their blind determination at a time when most musicians are content with bashing their veins to death whilst making shambolic, incontinent, whining "Oh, look at me falling about all over the stage, I'm a poor little Lahndahn pauper-boy" second-rate subway pap. These lads are thrusting out their hearts and souls using all the muscles in their upper and lower bodies, frothing at the lips with exertion, focusing on their tightly-polished rocking machine. Their snakebite is only mildly poisonous but there's some sort of potential there. Nothing special, but solid, trusty and admirable for it. Let's hope they grow.



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