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Silent Alarm by Bloc Party

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Reviewed on 8th February 2005.


Silent Alarm

By Bloc Party

Bloc Party had an amazing year in 2004 and it appears that their debut album is about to thrust them to the top and beyond. Touring with Leeds' very own Kaiser Chiefs, The Killers and The Futureheads, Bloc Party have already proven themselves to be the pioneers of the future music scene and this album takes you on a rollercoaster journey full of thrills and surprises that will blow your leg warmers off.

"Silent Alarm" kicks off with "Like Eating Grass" with its jingly jangly guitars and jazz beats, perfect to build up this album. Complemented by Kele's emotional lyrics and the accompaniment of delicately laced violins it sets the scene for this politically-driven hyper-emotional masterpiece. The album is full of the live favourites such as "Helicopters", "Banquet" and "She's Hearing Voices". Matt's drumming is superb, with stop-starts and fills that pump and drive the songs, whilst Kele and Russel's unique style gives the songs the edge to separate Bloc Party from the other garage/garage-dance bands.

Songs such as "Blue Light" are a more quieter and delicate affair which break up the chaotic guitars and rhythm nicely. The handclaps in "Price of Gas" are militarily precise and meld with the synth in the background and the simple one note guitaring to create the unique Bloc Party pogo popping sound. The album subtly ends on "Compliments", a far slower affair with lots of clean reverb and echo/delay effects that seem to make the song glow and end the album on a perfect high. Bloc Party have come a long long way and this is the labour of their love. It is a thought-provoking masterpiece. The only complaint I have about this album is that some of the songs are over-produced such as "She's Hearing Voices" where Kele's raw voice is replaced by mellower, more subdued vocals but if you can put this slight inconvenience to one side then this could potentially be one the albums of 2005 and it's only February. Bloc Party have paved the path and all we have to do is follow.



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On 15th February 2005 at 14:59 Anonymous 30 wrote...

Great record, but does anyone else get the sensation that they are listening to a bunch of posh southerners? I mean there is no "R" in "eating glass" last I looked.



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