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Do not be afraid by Koala (NY)

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Reviewed on 13th February 2005.


Do not be afraid

By Koala (NY)

It has to be said that koala bears are possibly the cutest and most vicious animals that have ever graced this planet, beneath their cutesy exterior lies the heart of a cold blooded killer; Koala the band on the other hand have released one of those albums emotionally expansive albums that wrap a warm blanket around you on a cold winters day and serves you a hot mug of tea with those tiny marshmallows in.

"Do not be afraid" is a delightful album with obvious influences ranging from the Super Furries, Flaming lips to cool bits out of Queen. It is a fantastic, quirky, pop-driven album. Songs such as 'All the way' will have you dancing till your knees fall off, with simple chords and simple drumming laced together with a delightfully quirky ensemble of electronic gadgets. Apparently this song is about the addiction to watching News 24, which I'm sure we've all done before after a long night out. Underpinning this album are political themes, which generally mean some Bush bashing which is always fun, but this is done in humorous satirical manner that drives the songs such as 'Guatanamo Bay'. 'Feel like falling in love again' should be the outro song to an epic love tale where everyone lives happily every after with spandex suits and glam rock poses.

"Do not be afraid" is one of those albums that can pick you right back up even after your girl friend has dumped you for your best friend and your dog has just been hit by a sixteen wheeler. Koala may just have created audio ecstasy and it will be our prerogative to sample this new wonder drug until we have all collapsed to the floor giggling at that time when Fido was run over by an over weight trucker named Big Barry, no offence to over weight truckers of course.



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