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Lunatic Perfume by The Conway Story

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Reviewed on 25th February 2005.


Lunatic Perfume

By The Conway Story

Current music trends are always something you either ignore, or in this case, try to fit in as much as possible. And so, thanks mainly to the NME (Jesus, we hate this thing don't we?!) we're in the midst of an indie revival. Although how long it's gonna last is anyone's guess, but I can't wait for the second albums of all these bands currently clogging up the column inches.

Back to the matter at hand then, and 'Lunatic Perfume', a short slab of melodic indie rock from The Conway Story, is a competent slice of addictive indie music, full of fuzzy guitars, big drums and confident vocals. You can see it in the collections of all the people who bought Razorlight's album, yet at the same time, seems to be a cut above the usual indie dross. It's pretty straight forward stuff, full of nicely played hooks and soaring guitar leads in the background. It's good, but far from mind blowing. That's the point though.

B-side 'Ten Days' sounds strangely similar to Embrace, but a bit livelier, and with a better chorus. Catchy, upbeat and hummable, it's the kinda song you hear a snatch of on radio, and start stupidly humming it for the rest of the day. It's well recorded, well produced and ticks all the right boxes.

The only thing is, at times it can seem a little unremarkable, a little too indie if you get my drift. There's no doubt these guys are on the up, and if they continue to surf the current wave of melodic indie pop coming out of the UK, then I'm sure before too long we'll see what they can really do.



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