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Scarlet Fever by Three Children Of Fortune

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Reviewed on 27th February 2005.


Scarlet Fever

By Three Children Of Fortune

Despite sounding like an early-eighties kids cartoon a la Mysterious Cities of Gold, Three Children Of Fortune are in fact a post-rock trio from Medway who specialise in creating a "visceral, angry and abrasive take on British guitar music". Following on from last year's release of their debut EP, "Scarlet Fever" is the band's latest single through Perfect Songs/Noise Underground.

The three-piece namecheck Weezer, Sonic Youth and Pavement as influences; elements of these bands can be heard in both tracks on the CD, however the vocal theatrics of Radiohead and the taut claustrophobic noise-wizardry of The Cooper Temple Clause are also apparent. The title track is a medium-paced rock-chuggathon, showcasing a droning riff with a couple of cheeky guitar hooks thrown in for good measure. Second track "Flesh and Bone" is a more up-tempo affair featuring some smartly executed stop-start dynamics and a strong chorus. The CD also includes the video for the lead track, the general ethos of which seems to adhere to the traditional new-band-on-a-small-budget template of sticking the band in a small, dark basement and filming them from a couple of obscure angles in order to capture that "moody" vibe.

There is no doubt that Three Children Of Fortune "do" the tight, angular post-rock thing well; however, there are also a lot of other bands in this field at the moment who fall into this category. On the basis of Scarlet Fever the jury's still out on whether the trio can notably distinguish themselves within this genre, but as their moniker suggests luck may have a part to play in these youngsters circumnavigating the possible pitfalls of the music industry and going on to bigger and better things.



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