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Reviewed on 28th February 2005.



By Fuji Heavy

I like my music to be snarling, intense. I love my guitar wretched and spiky. I love pit bull style, bite yer arse, spitty vocals. So then, fifteen minutes of listening to this demo and strutting round my office (Sorry Phil!) like the crazed offspring of Courtney love and Mike Jagger and... ***Newsflash*** South coast rock-freaks Fuji Heavy are my new favourite band.

"Sunburn" is one hell of a tune. Violent and unrepentant, yet in places lustrous. Utterly lovable yet tread carefully or it may self-destruct. A brazen guitar filled romp littered with hives-esque vocal screamings and torrid crashing drums. Skin basher Ali "the baran" Gavan more than earning his crust. "Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah" wails voice boy Keith Brown as the tune implodes. You read my mind fella.

"Face like a criminal" and "Glitterama" slow things down slightly. I said slightly. A different footprint, but the imprint of filth still lying dormant nearby. Ready to snap. "Glitterama" starts like a goldfish and somehow morphs into a shark. How and when this happens I have no idea. It just does. A flirtatious, peaceful underbelly with delicious 70's guitar melodies and serene vocals, seamlessly moulded into a ferociously sung slice of ugly raw punk. Fantastic stuff.

To prevent the "good old days" crowd jumping on my back I am not gonna be dragged into the pit of comparing these guys to the likes of The Ramones or Pixies, it's slightly too raw and bare in places and this will need to tighten up somewhat. But who gives a crap at this stage; this demo is seriously good garage rock. Let Fuji Heavy into your world today, you need them.



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