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Driven To Distraction by Saving Lenny

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Reviewed on 1st October 2003.


Driven To Distraction

By Saving Lenny

On receiving a lovely 7" sized plastic sleeve I eagerly anticipated the smooth black vinyl slipping out into my hand. I was disappointed to discover it was merely a cunning design and into my palm popped a standard size CD and a huge Saving Lenny Poster cum inlay sleeve.

My disappointment was quickly overcome by the spunky opening drums, which are shortly followed by the delightful voice of Katie Harkin. I understand that this young lady still has a couple of teenage years to come but her voice belies her youth. She clearly has natural talent but more importantly - and where so many singers fail - she knows how to use it. Opening up into the chorus of 'Over The Top', whilst the saxophones of Tim and Phil punctuate the dirty guitar riffage of Mike and Katie, it lifts the song up after a crescendo has already teased us once into preparing to bounce. The drums do falter slightly as the beat changes at one point but on the whole the band are slick and create plenty of space for each other to drift in and out of.

'My Own Way' opens with a cool opening that would have you funk soul brothers out there nodding in anticipation. In comes the runaway train drumbeat dragging us a long down the punk pop highway. The sax interludes between vocal lines are great and lift Saving Lenny high above the many ska bands that litter their music with horns. In fact I wouldn't like to label these guys as Ska at all. More just Cool Punk-Pop.

"Her kisses will make you bleed... don't try to impress her baby cos you'll end up getting burned". Ah the evils of women! Another accomplished tune that stutters along before the rollercoaster kicks in again and you want to stand up and bounce around. Perfect evidence too that guitar solos don't have to be a million miles an hour to be great. They just have to fit, and this one does perfectly.

Now I'm a fan of lyrics. I like to hear something clever, touching, heartfelt or something that simply makes you ache with joy. On the other hand you can't help but love certain lyrics that should be shit but somehow just aren't. "Fizzy pop, fizzy pop, I like drinking fizzy pop - oh lemonade!" Doesn't look much written down huh? But after the first three tracks have put you in a happy smiley mood this cheery little number with guitar and sax hooks aplenty over the funky bass line you simply have to love the way they are delivered to you here. This is where we get to really hear Miss Harkin stretch her voice with overdubbed backing vocals. She conquers the task of repeatedly singing "Oh Lemonade!" with ease, delivering it with passion and a conviction that mean the cringes that you should experience are locked safely outside in the cold winter whilst this sprightly tune warms you. "Something cool and sweet and to quench my thirst, don't bring me cola that would just be the worst, something cool and sweet, think that something is you, bring me lemonade and we'll see what I can do", the last line delivered with a class and sexiness that make Harkin stand out above many singers, male and female, plying their trade around the stages of Leeds. The following "I got bubbles in my nose, I could spill it down my clothes" will ensure a queue at the soft drinks pump next time Miss Harkin is at the bar. There's some great female talent within the local music scene at present and with this talented bunch of chaps behind her Katie Harkin is right at the top of the pile.

The band are giving this CD away free and you would be foolish to pass up the chance of picking one up. The songs could still be stronger as whole pieces but there are moments of class in each and every one and they are very chirpy and bright enough to warrant your attention.



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On 29th October 2003 at 21:20 Anonymous 101 wrote...

my my, what a flattering review. i think holden has managed to sum up "the Lenny" in a manner which we have always failed to do so far. i have to spoil the party somewhat, however, and announce that unfortunately the cd is not free (unless we REALLY like you ;) ) but you can experience the ep in all it's live glory at Carpe Diem on November 8th for free with the fantastic Polarize and debutants The Lakewood Resistance. Come along and be the first to get (buy) your hands on a copy (plug, plug). Cheers, Mike


On 30th October 2003 at 00:21 Anonymous 251 wrote...

Oh shit, sorry, my bad! I must have got confused! Well go pay for it handsomely anyway as it is a fine CD and you should own it!


On 30th October 2003 at 20:43 Anonymous 1256 wrote...

hi... cheers for the good review
i was just wonderin where exactly is the fault in the drumming on the 1st track?
just wanted to know, cos i havent noticed anything really obvious...


On 2nd November 2003 at 22:37 Anonymous 251 wrote...

Hi, it was nothing major, just when the beat changes to four on the floor the tempo dropped and dragged a little briefly. On the whole though it's all very enjoyable.


On 3rd November 2003 at 21:55 Anonymous 4 wrote...

i have returned from my jollydays and what a nice review to come home to! cheers me dears, hope to see lots of lovely lms lot on saturday. Its free and the drinks are cheap, sounds like an ideal sat night out to me
I'll be behind the bar with a big pitcher of lemonade


On 3rd November 2003 at 22:13 Anonymous 4 wrote...

Ive only just noticed- what a wonderful pun! "..the cringes that you should experience are locked safely outside in the cold winter whilst this sprightly tune warms you..."

i apologise for my sense of humour....


On 5th November 2003 at 23:12 Anonymous 572 wrote...

I think saving lenny and their friends and family should go to the fenton (nxt to strawbs) on the 27th of nov and see ToBy.....jst a thought ...also cant wait to hear ur new e.p ..if u wanna hear us we're on soundclick.com ...well thats enough plugging from me, im off! nite!


On 5th November 2003 at 23:13 Anonymous 572 wrote...

im not sure why i put that :d face there.....im tired damnit



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