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Reviewed on 4th March 2005.



By Shame About Haley

As Green Day have been propelled into front runners of the pop punk genre it seems almost natural that a whole hoard of hero worshippers would crawl out of the woodwork to offer their tributes. This time it's the turn of Shame About Hayley. "Grunga Munga" sees the band hitchin' a ride on the Green Day bandwagon. Its sharp punk bite adds an edge to the proceedings while the band shouts yo ho ho like some sort of rock and roll pirates. But the lack of variation in the band's music sometimes makes this a ship that not everyone will want to board.

Displaying about as many chords as the Ramones, "Outlaw" is overflowing with energy. Culminating in the sound of a band having the time of their lives. A small-scale musical riot, which takes few prisoners.

Final track "Who's Usin Who" blends pop punk with a stoner rock element. The dark smoke of drug infused influences overwhelms the happy go lucky pop until it chokes and wheezes, falling to the floor in a heap.

But alas there is an inconsistency here, for every great moment there's another lurking around the corner waiting to trip the listener up. However a positive enough start for a punk band that managed to avoid whining like a bunch of high-pitched Americans.



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